Baby Massage

5-Week IAIM Programme – Birth to 1 Year

Following an accredited format from the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), this course is delivered by Sarah Brookes, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). A baby massage course is an investment into your baby’s development, so you want to be sure that you are receiving a high standard of teaching and evidence-based knowledge. With Mama Hen, you don’t just get a baby massage course. You receive a parental education massage programme, delivered to the standards set out in the IAIM core curriculum. This highly respected and evidence-based programme is designed to equip you with the skills to massage your baby and support the bonding process through nurturing touch.

What is the IAIM?

It is the International Association of Infant Massage, and it’s founder Vimala McClure is credited with creating the first professional program in infant massage in 1976. She incorporated Indian and Swedish massage, along with principles and ideas from reflexology and yoga, to create and name unique strokes into a respectful and effective routine. Vimala’s vision was that all babies should receive nurturing touch from birth. Today, the IAIM is the UK’s original and leading authority on infant massage and continues to set an unrivalled standard in its approach to touch communication and respectful teaching.

As an IAIM instructor, my commitment to you is to facilitate and help enhance the loving relationship you have with your baby through nurturing touch. You will not just learn how to massage your baby in my classes. Instead, you will receive a learning experience that includes: 1) background knowledge on infant massage strokes, 2) a selection of relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises, 3) a range of nurturing touch techniques, 4) demonstration of massage strokes and their benefits to your baby, 5) a safe environment where you can participate as much or as little as you desire, 6) valuable insights into your baby’s development and behaviour, 7) a gentle pace to allow meaningful interaction and bonding between parents and babies, 8) we will hold space for discussion and socialising, and 9) tips and resources for massaging your baby as they grow. What’s more, my sessions are 90 minutes long to ensure that you get value for money and can take the time you need to enjoy your surroundings.

Above all, I am respectful of your choices as a parent and will strive to create a safe and judgement-free environment. My course is open to couples to attend together. I hold classes at weekends to give couples, working mothers and families the flexibility they need to attend.

Each class will introduce new strokes for different body parts, and provide you with a wealth of knowledge and theory to take forward into parenthood. In addition to learning the massage strokes, you will be provided with all the materials you need to get you started (including a bottle of organic oil and an information booklet) and given a chance to enjoy relaxation techniques and opportunities for discussion with other parents over refreshments.

The classes are suitable for babies from birth to one year, however, you may wish to wait until your baby has had their 6-week check.

Course Structure

WeekMassage Strokes Taught with supporting theory & discussion
1Legs and Feet
3Chest and Arms
4Face and Back
5Full Body and Gentle Movements

This course includes:
Practical demonstration of massage strokes by qualified instructor on a demonstration doll
Follow along in real time on your own baby
A bottle of cold-pressed organic vegetable-based oil
An IAIM-branded Parent Information booklet
Run by a qualified IAIM-certified Infant Massage Instructor (and mum)!
Enjoy small class sizes and opportunities for parent discussion
A warm, friendly, inclusive environment
Weekend-run classes to allow couples to attend easily
Photo opportunities and refreshments
Footprint keepsake making
90 minutes class time
Couples welcome at no extra cost
Tips and strategies for massaging the growing child

What to Expect

The infant massage programme was developed by Vimala McClure, combining elements of Indian and Swedish massage and principles from yoga and reflexology. It was originally inspired by a worldwide tradition of massage passed down through generations.

Nurturing touch supports and strengthens bonding and attachment between parent and infant. It is a highly endorsed training programme, setting the standard for parent education in infant massage.

Baby Massage Norwich

Classes are baby-led and meeting baby’s needs are encouraged and welcomed. Crying is a way for babies to communicate both physical and emotional needs, so I ensure you have a supportive environment.

Baby classes are a wonderful way to make memories and to bond with your baby outside of the home. Upon completion of the programme, you will be given the opportunity to create unique photos, and footprint keepsakes to remember this special time.

The class environment is kept calm, clean, and free from over-stimulating distractions. This is a perfect time for you (the parents) to focus on bonding and gentle connection with your baby.