About Me

Baby Signing and Massage with Mama Hen

I’m Sarah a.k.a. “Mama Hen” and I run fun and engaging baby classes in Norwich.

Would you like to know the story behind my alias, “Mama Hen”? As well as being a mama to an actual human, I have also been a devoted (some might say obsessive) keeper and rescuer of chickens for many years. I’ve often affectionately referred to my flock as my “feather babies.”

Witnessing the maternal instincts of hens left an indelible mark on me long before my own maternal instincts kicked in. Did you know that hens communicate with their chicks even before they hatch? Through gentle clucks, they forge a bond with their unborn offspring, a testament to their nurturing nature (The Humane League, 2023).

Hens are not merely creatures of instinct; they possess a depth of empathy and social intelligence that rivals our own. They learn from one another and exhibit complex social behaviors, much like humans (Marino, 2017). It’s awe-inspiring to realise the unwavering protectiveness and care that a mother hen showers upon her chicks. I have often channelled this love of chickens into art, drawing cute cartoons and illustrations as Yellow Chicken House Designs.

The resilient and nurturing spirit of the mother hen serves as a profound source of inspiration for me, reminding me of the boundless capacity for love and compassion within us all.

I follow an accredited framework which is based upon British Sign Language, as I teach you to sign to your baby through song, movement, and rhyme, and provide a multi-sensory experience which is suitable from as young as 4 months. Fuelled by the absolute joy that I got from being around parents and their babies, I embarked on further training to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. I now offer 5-week baby massage courses from birth to one year.

I have taken inspiration from my love of hens to form my brand values:

Compassion: Just like the mother hen, I believe in extending compassion and care to all beings, nurturing meaningful pre-verbal connection through touch and signing, and fostering a sense of belonging. Becoming a parent changed me in so many wonderful ways, and that process required compassion from those around me to support my choices, and to give me the space to navigate my new role. I hope that the space I create in my classes gives you an outlet to explore your own connection to your baby and your role as a parent. I know just how hard it is to leave the house with a baby in tow especially during those early days, so my classes are small, friendly and very welcoming.

Empathy: I strive to understand the needs and emotions of others, approaching every interaction with empathy and understanding. I will endeavour to make my classes as inclusive as possible and make any reasonable adaptations on request. Looking after our mental health is important, so if you feel any anxiety or stress about attending one of my classes, please speak to me and I will do my genuine best to help you.

Protection: Like the vigilant mother hen who guards her chicks, I am committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of everyone who joins my classes. I will try to ensure a secure, safe and supportive environment for all. I am fully insured, DBS-checked, and trained in health and safety, holding both IOSH Managing Safely and Leading Safely qualifications. I strive to maintain a clean environment and sterilise toys and mats after each class. I am happy to share my evidence and academic resources behind my teaching. I’d also like you to think of my classes as a kind of “protected time” to put the world on pause while you invest time into yourself and your little one.

Community: Like a flock gathered under the watchful gaze of the mother hen, I value community and collaboration, coming together to support and uplift one another in times of need. I hope that my classes will give you an environment to bond with your babies but also to bond with other parents over a drink and a snack. There’s a saying that raising a child takes a village, so try and find your tribe and flock together like birds of a feather.