Baby Signing & Sensory

6 Week Courses – Ideal from 4 months

Based on British Sign Language (BSL), these classes are designed to be suitable for aged (approx.) 4 months to 18 months with lots of sensory elements to delight younger babies. Parents will be equipped with a range of signs delivered through sensory methods such as singing, rhymes, music, movement and play which can be replicated at home as the child grows.

You will get to explore a new theme each week which will introduce you and your baby to many signs that you can use during daily interaction and play time with your little one. Classes typically involve a taught period of approximately 40 minutes followed by a 20 minute rest and relax period when you can get to know other parents with a drink and a snack. Classes are entirely baby-led so you are encouraged to feed, change, or comfort your baby however you need to throughout.

Course Structure

1The Basics
2Nappy/Bath Time
5Health & Emotions
This course includes:
Teaching on how to sign to your baby
Live and sung demonstrations of over 100 signs
Printed handouts to take home and practice your new skills
An opportunity to learn (or remember) popular songs and nursery rhymes
Fun guided interaction with your baby with a selection of engaging props
Learn about the benefits of baby signing
An opportunity to get to know other local parents
Access to a carefully selected range of sensory toys

What to Expect

Baby girl with fairy wings

Introduce your baby to a world of make believe as we sing along to a wide range of popular nursery rhymes using lots of signs and props to bring them to life.

Baby playing instruments

Help your baby unleash their inner composer with a range of instruments. We will be shaking our shakers, beating our drums, and jingling our bells! We’ll be fast, slow, loud, quiet, and everything in between.

Baby playing peekaboo

Babies have so much to discover – there’s more to life than meets the eye! We will be doing a range of sensory and action songs to help bring bodily awareness and to stimulate their senses including everyone’s favourite – peekaboo!


There are bubbles in the air, everywhere, way up high, in the sky, down below, on the floor, can you pop them all? Babies love bubbles, and lets face it, so do the adults!

Clock routine

Babies thrive on routine so classes will be held at the same time and place each week. We will also have routine songs at the start and end of our sessions to trigger familiarity, as well as lots of repetition of key signs.

Baby class in Costessey

Each week, your baby will have access to a communal sensory play mat with a range of toys and sensory objects designed to complement the rhymes and songs of the week.

Mum drinking coffee

Finally, you’ve done an amazing job of getting yourself and little one out of the house. So after a fun session, we’ll all relax together on a communal sensory play mat with a cup of tea or freshly ground coffee. Enjoy your drink and chat to other parents as your baby explores their surroundings.